The Dellamano Family Photo Album

[Family of Francesco Dellamano - 1906]

photo courtesy of Tony Dellamano

Family of Francesco Francis Dellamano in Perledo, Italy - around 1906

Back Row:
Emilio (1893), Adelaide (1887), Nicholas (1889), Francesco Francis Dellamano (1842), Teresa Maria (Borlenghi) Dellamano (1859)

Front Row:
Aristede (Harry, 1895), Peitro Battista (1897), Maria, (1902)

Note: Three of Francesco's children are missing from this photo. Antonio left for America in September of 1894. Mario went to America in December of 1901. Catterina entered the convent of the Dominican sisters of Saint Catharine, Kentucky in Sept. of 1903.

Nicola went to America in 1911 and Aristede went in 1912.

Francesco had two other children who died young.

[wedding photo]

October 22, 1905

The wedding of Antonio Dellamano
and Josephine Felicita Re

Sacred Heart Church, 12 North Square, Boston, MA

[Italian Grave]

photo courtesy of Tony Dellamano


The Gravestone of Francesco Francis Dellamano,
father of Antonio Dellamano in Cimeterio di Tondelo, in Perledo, Italy

(Joseph Dellamano's grandfather)

Note that Antonio is listed on this stone, as welll as his sister, "Suor Rita" (a Catholic nun) and his brother Nicola, even though they died in America and are buried in America.

[Man in uniform]

Aristede (Harry) Dellamano

Brother of Antonio Dellamano. Photo taken after he came to America in 1912

[small boy and mom]

Joseph Dellamano and his mother
Josephine Felicita (Re) Dellamano

About 1917

Josephine made the outfit Joseph is wearing
(Joseph's daughter, Diane Brakeley still has it)

[4 children]

The 4 Dellamano children around 1920

Back row:
Beatrice Theresa (Dellamano) Barry, Francis Joseph Dellamano

Front row:
Theresa Yvonne (Dellamano) Asselta, Joseph Antonio Dellamano

The dog's name is Brill.

[Emilio Dellamano and spouse]
photo courtesy of Tony Dellamano

Emilio Dellamano and his spouse around 1920

Emilio is son of Francesco Francis Dellamano and brother to Antonio Dellamano.

This photo was taken on the porch of the Dellamano home in Gisazio, a hamlet in the town of Perledo in the province of Lecco in the Lombardia Region of Italy.

Emilio lived in America with his wife for about 15 years, after which they returned to Italy. They had two children, Frankantonio and Rita. Both children married and are living in Gisazio, Italy.

[Chef Antonio Dellamano]

Chef Antonio Dellamano
Josephine Felicita Re

Father & Mother
of Joseph Antonio Dellamano

[Josephine Re Dellamano]

[The Dellamanos]

Antonio & Josephine Dellamano

Antonio Dellamano is holding his grand-daughter, Beatrice (Babs) Barry.

The photo was taken in 1935 on Long Island, New York.

[wedding picture]

May 10, 1939

The wedding of Joseph Antonio Dellamano
and Belle Frances Deveau

St. Mary's Catholic Church, Orono, Maine

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